Our Parent/Teacher Testimonials

Parent Testimonials

We moved from out of the country back to Westport and had to choose a pre-school from overseas. A friend’s endorsement of Learning Community was so convincing that she made the decision easy for me. Now I keep thanking her because my twins’ experience in the 3′s and 4′s was amazing, and the moms from their class remain my closest friends three years later. The teachers, many of whom have been at LCDS for decades, are thoughtful, caring, engaging, dynamic, and genuine; the students are delightful and delighted, day after day; and the parents are down-to-earth, friendly, and involved in the school and community. Parents have as hard a time leaving the playground at pick-up as the kids do. Thank goodness I have one child still at LCDS (in the 4s). She has been there since the 2s and flourished every step of the way. When she leaves Learning Community for kindergarten, the place the school holds in our heart will remain. I will miss it and advise anyone shopping for pre-schools to end your search here. Learning Community is a magical place. Don’t miss out on being a part of it!
—    Jill Mann, mom of four

We came to LCDS from another preschool and had jitters being new to the school community and making yet another transition that seemed unsettling and nerve-wracking.  Within a few weeks, we felt so comfortable, so welcome, so at home.  Jagger transitioned from nervous, clingy, and apprehensive to calm, independent and self-assured.  I slowly made friendships that mirrored his.  There is an ease we both have felt as the year has gone on, knowing we are each getting our needs met, being taken in fully.  It was a year that was peaceful and easy and calm, which is something toddlers and their moms don’t always experience.  Watching his calm and self-assured personality grow was really the best feeling a mom can ask for.
–       Gayle Greenberger

My son’s experience in the 2′s classroom at Learning Community was the most ideal first school experience I could have hoped for. It was his first true separation experience and, as most moms are, I was nervous about how he would do being dropped off in a new environment. But once we walked in the door and saw the genuine happiness and warmth from his teachers, we were both immediately put at ease. Within a few weeks he became accustomed to the school routine and began to recognize and reference the other children in his class. I think that the intimate class size (8 children, 3 teachers) helped him to form friendships with classmates and to have the confidence to explore and investigate in a safe environment. He even learned to share, which is a huge accomplishment for any 2 year old! His class also visited the garden and had weekly visits from the music and science teachers. Even on his days off, he would ask if he could go to school. Overall, I can’t imagine a better first school experience for my child.
–       Julie Potack

Our family has had a wonderful experience throughout all the grade programs at LCDS. From the two’s program up to the fantastic kindergarten program we have had the pleasure of watching our children thrive and develop a true love of learning based on the learning philosophy and warm environment of LCDS.
–       Lisa Power

The Learning Community Day School did much more than provide my children with academic kindergarten-readiness skills; it succeeded in immersing my children in an environment that taught the importance of empathy, compassion, curiosity and wonder. The teachers provided enough direction for the development of new ideas without stifling deep inquiry; and provided a gentle, loving, and predictable experience for the children without making their day tedious. I am so thankful to LCDS for providing such a positive first-school experience!
–       Zeeshaan Fatema

We truly can’t say enough about LCDS Kindergarten.  Our son, Billy, had a spectacular year with the very dedicated teachers and nurturing learning environment.  The program is amazing—the learn-by-project approach really resonated with our son and as a family we know everything there is to know about sharks and outer space!
What we loved most is that the teachers found a single unique quality in every child in the class and built an individual curriculum around that.  Billy left LCDS with lifelong friends and a solid learning foundation with which to start elementary school.  As parents, we had the peace of mind we had made the best decision for our child enrolling him in a very special Kindergarten community.
–       Amber Quinn

I will always credit The Learning Community for being the place where my children learned how to learn.  LCDS has a unique philosophy that puts the kids’ ideas at the front and center of every discussion and activity. The teachers facilitate learning through meaningful play and thoughtful, hands-on exploration.  Years later, my kids still love to build, pretend, create and question as the best tools for processing the world around them.
–       Andrea Berkeley

The moment I walked into LCDS, I knew this was the preschool for my children. I felt the warmth as I was shown around the school for the first time.  My boys loved going to The Learning Community.  I looked forward to sending my boys to school because I knew I was sending them off to a warm and nurturing environment.  I was always impressed at how all of the teachers knew all of the students by name, even if they didn’t have the child in their classroom, and just the same my little preschoolers knew all of the teachers by name.  My children left LCDS with a readiness to enter into the world of elementary school.
–       Kimberly Phillips

Teacher Testimonials

I have been teaching Kindergarten for nine years at LCDS and each year has been uniquely fulfilling and joyful. Besides the incredibly warm, family-like atmosphere that is the Learning Community, using the Project Approach with our kindergarteners is a big reason teaching here is so exciting and rewarding. The Project approach allows children to experience authentic learning, and explore and apply important foundational concepts, such as number sense and literacy skills, in ways that are meaningful, engaging, and loads of fun. Project Approach allows us to tap into children’s natural curiosity and encourages communication, collaboration, problem solving and the opportunity for each child to use his/her developing academic skills in meaningful ways.
Each year the classroom dynamic and children’s interests determine the topics we explore. Currently the children have chosen to create a pet store in our classroom. Each child is making his/her own stuffed animal pet (with the help of a mom in our room who is sewing the animal templates the children have drawn using fabric each child thoughtfully chose). They are gathering information about pet ownership from library books, experts we have brought in, such as Animal Embassy, and in-house experts like one of the teachers, Gail, who has had a pet turtle for over 20 years! We have conducted panels where the experts are the children themselves: actual fish, dog or cat owners. The children share their expertise with pride. Now the children are applying their newfound knowledge by writing their own pet care brochures to sell at our class pet store to our customers (aka parents). They are thoroughly engaged and confident as they systematically sound out the words they want to put to paper. Their invented spelling makes sense to them and to us and they are beaming with wonder and pride when we read back to them the words they have written. They are busily creating accessories for their pets using various items from our huge treasure trove of recyclables and lots and lots of tape, glue and paint. The inventive ways they use these recyclables constantly amazes and impresses us. They share their expertise with each other and are generous with each other in their explanations of the discoveries they have made along the way. It is a joy to participate in this celebration of learning with the incredible children of LCDS.
–       Valerie Greenberg, Kindergarten Teacher

Each and every day at the Learning Community Day School, I am filled with a sense of awe, respect, and wonder for the children, the creative and dedicated staff, and the parents who believe in us. We are a community of educators who believe in a philosophy that aims to awaken, nurture, and develop the intrinsic abilities of each of the children in our care. In our class we can be observed laughing, learning, exploring, and creating. Affection and caring are an integral part of our day. I cannot imagine doing anything else, anywhere else that is more magical and fulfilling than being invited into the world of a two year old, and if you are lucky enough earning their love and respect. Joyous is the way I describe my days.
–       Sharon Freeman, Twos Teacher

My years of teaching at the Learning Community have been a privilege working with dedicated teachers, children, and parents. Each year teachers and children go on an educational journey together exploring, investigating and constructing their ideas. Teachers appreciate the children’s individuality and creativity.
One of the joys of working at the Learning Community is bumping into a former student. How proud they are to tell me that they are attending or have graduated from Cornell, Brown, Tufts or Columbia. I always enjoy reading about accomplishments and awards in the newspaper. I am happy that I was their first teacher and was able to give them fond memories and life-long skills for their success!
–       Gail Pepper, Educational Facilitator